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A movie 12 years in the making--Linklater's "Boyhood" [Nov. 25th, 2009|05:05 pm]
The Community for Fans of Patricia Arquette!


I finished up a chat with Richard Linklater about his adorable and period-perfect Me and Orson Welles by asking him about this epic project, a drama about growing up, that will catch up with a kid and his parents (Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette) year by year, from 6 through high school.

Boyhood, it's called.

He's been working on it for years, and has a few years left to go. "I just shot another couple of days, this year's worth. His voice is lowering, a little acne's kicking up, a hint of a mustache is coming in. "And I've got five more years of his life I want to document. So it's still a few year away." Sounds a little like David Carradine's long-planned Life of Mata Hari, to star his daughter, filmed as she aged, naturally, from childhood into temptress and spy.

"After I started this, Quentin (Tarantino, of course) told me about that Carradine project, which is similar. But my thing is structured by the public school education -- first through 12th grade. He's growing up. I've got it pretty mapped out. It's an interesting project, even if it sounds bizarre to everybody else. It's a fun thing to sort of have on the back burner, for YEARS."

Every filmmaker, it seems, talks about mixing it up. Our man Rick actually does it. He's followed Fast Food Nation and Scanner Darkly with a sunny, frothy little movie about the glory days of young Orson Welles, pre-Hollywood, before his War of the Worlds broadcast, even.

"You know, those movies were during the Bush years, sort of a bummer moment, for me, actually. Me and Orson Welles is sunnier, funnier, more hopeful. Things are still pretty miserable, but it's a movie with a little dance to its step and a song in its heart."